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About Barton Craft & Design

My name is Emily Barton, and I'm the artist behind Barton Craft and Design.

I primarily make handcrafted fiber jewelry and wall art. I utilize several different techniques such as crocheting, macramé, knitting and weaving.  Oftentimes these techniques are used in some sort of combination.  I incorporate materials like copper pieces and wood to embellish the textile work, or to mount them from. I strive for a beautiful balance between soft, rigid, and a little bit of shine. While my work is informed greatly by materiality and texture, my true passion lies in my process. The repetitive nature of various fiber art forms that I use have a meditative quality to them. My creative process serves as both a catalyst and a restorative outlet. 

I am also an installation/display artist and I am available for custom installs, woodwork/builds and event design as well. 

If you want to get in touch, email me
to or fill out my contact form here.