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About Barton Craft & Design

Barton Craft Design is an art studio that designs custom pieces ranging from wall hangings, commissioned home decor, art installations and jewelry. The studio is run by Emily Barton.

Emily incorporates several techniques such as crocheting, macramé, knitting and weaving in her work. Materiality holds an importance in her design process. You can often find metal, wood and fiber used in combination throughout her designs. She strives to create a beautiful balance between soft, rigid, and a little bit of shine. 

Emily currently lives and work in Waco, Texas for Magnolia Market. Emily is a Senior Display Coordinator executing displays alongside a talented team.

Emily Barton received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts from Coastal Carolina. Her thesis focused on knit and crochet installation art. After college Emily started her visual arts career working for Anthropologie as a display coordinator. In 2017 she was voted as Best American Maker: Arts & Crafts by USA Today.