New Jewelry Collection: Inspiration Behind the Design

I've been working on a new collection of jewelry the past few months and the time has finally come to launch these pieces on the site. Spring is my favorite season and and there's no better way to usher in the season than with fresh, new designs. I wanted to share some of my inspiration and process behind this new work. 

These pieces were inspired by geometry and the strategic use of negative space. The names of the pieces are words that describe the shape or movement of the design. Each piece incorporates hand formed brass components and woven, knitted, and knotted texture.

I'm a fiber artist, so the addition of texture to this new jewelry collection was important to me. I wanted to strike a balance between the hard and shiny surface of the brass and the soft beautiful quality of the textiles. 

Each piece was so intentionally designed and carefully hand crafted. Several of the pieces even include yarns that I naturally dyed myself with plants. I see each necklace and pair of earrings as a wearable work of art.

Below you can see a few images of the pieces in progress and a little bit of my natural dye process. The brass pieces are all filed, sanded and polished before adding the textile elements. Avocado pits and skins make a beautiful blush color that I incorporated into these new pieces quite a bit. I also used indigo extract powder to a few pieces in the collection.

Below are some of the finished photos of the jewelry styled. My wonderfully talented friend Julia Madden Sears photographed the final pieces and did such an incredible job bringing my vision to life!

I hope you all love the new pieces as much as I enjoyed designing and making them!