Fiber Art Focus

Over the past year, I've focused on curating a new aesthetic for Barton Craft & Design. I designed an entirely new style of soldered and textile jewelry and have developed some signature fiber art styles that I create and offer in my online shop. 

The pieces pictured below are a part of my "Clouds" series. They're all inspired by texture and incorporate so much fluffy goodness! I use a variety of different yarns, roving, rope, and fabric woven together in a number of different techniques to achieve these lovely tactile pieces that would go great in any room. 

Another series of fiber art pieces I’ve been designing over the past few months are my soldered brass wall hangings. These pieces are inspired by my jewelry designs, and I like to think of them like jewelry for your walls. I think they’re perfect on their own, but would also be so impactful in a gallery wall for a little bit of added texture and shine.

All of these pieces are made with hand formed brass rod, then soldered, polished and woven onto. They’ve even got a perfect hanging loop at the top ready for you to install them with a nail or screw. Almost all of these wall hangings are woven with naturally dyed yarns from plants that I’ve either foraged, collected or grown in my very own natural dye garden from seed. Each one is truly one of a kind piece of art.

You can shop the fiber art pieces that are ready to ship in my shop, and I’m open to custom work at any time!