Jewelry Care Instructions

In order to keep your jewelry in the best condition for as long as possible, here are some instructions for how to care and maintain your pieces:

  • Handle your pieces gently. Don’t tug or pull at brass pieces. All of the pieces well made, but are delicate and soldered by hand.

  • Don’t store your jewelry in the bathroom or areas with a lot of moisture. Don’t put your jewelry near lotions/soaps. For best care, keep your jewelry in a bag or box to avoid tangling and too much moisture.

  • Over time, brass naturally patinas as the metal is oxidized. Some people prefer the natural patina. If you prefer a shiny finish, gently polish with a polishing cloth. Gently rub the cloth over the brass and be careful not to rub too close too the textile portion of the jewelry as it may transfer onto the fabric.

  • If the textile fringe on your jewelry starts to get a little unkempt over time, you can gently steam, or iron the fringe on a low heat setting to help the fringe lay flat. You can even use a CLEAN hair straightener (free of product build up) to tame the tassels.

  • If you happen to stain the textile portion of your jewelry, you can gently treat the stain with warm water and a very small portion of scent free dish detergent and lay the piece flat to dry. Avoid getting the metal wet as much as possible.